Feb 272012

In my relentless pursuit of blogging excellence I managed to pluck this Internet gem out of the ruffage that is cyberspace. It is Capoeira Fighter 3. It will take a while to load…

Capoeira is an awesome crazy martial art from South America. It was developed by slaves, but since they didn’t want their masters to know that they were training to fight, the art is disguised to look like…break dancing.

Slave owner 1: I think the slaves are up to something.

Slave Owner 2: Why is that, its doesn’t look like they are plotting a revolt to me, just some harmless break dancing.

Slave owner: Yeah, good point, who doesn’t break dance after a long day of toil in the fields?

But for most of us, we remember Eddie from the Tekken series, or any of the token Capoeira fighters. Despite having a style that would make a kung fu stylist “is that a practical way of fighting?” he was on of the easiest players to win with in the game. I’m glad they finally got their own game, and with the graphics they deserve.