Apr 092018

Its been a while since the last update, but we haven’t died, in fact we have been working on a few projects. We have gotten together with some of the talented karate and kickboxers we know and put together a bunch of our favorite striking combinations, which we are calling our Signature Combinations. So take a look and we hope you enjoy!

May 102012

A valid question that all martial artists must ask themselves as they train. The second question is which street? Below is a video of real life street fight. Take a look and let me know if you think your martial arts can match either of the two men involved.


Good news friends, I think we will be alright this time. And if either of the two men are amoung my readers, please contact me and we’ll get some lessons set up for you.

Feb 162012

Ladies and gentlemen, trying to come up with something to mock all the time is difficult. But if I gave up, who would floss the dark cavities of the Internet to bring you these little nuggets of joy from where ever they have lodged themselves?

Representing Shelby NC! This man claimed to be an undefeated street fighter. And as we martial artists are told by people on a regular basis, “Yeah, your moves might be find in the ring, but its a different story in the street.”

Yeah, the people we fight are actually trained. This dude actually had another fight after this one, also knocked out. Can’t figure it, you would think that the ‘stash would have given him an advantage.



Feb 132012

Long before Fedor Emelianenko was famous as an MMA fighter, he was a Sambo and Judo champion in Russia. Russians take their martial arts more serously as a culture then we do here in America. When was the last time you watched Judo or Karate? Maybe as a bit part in the Olympics. Anyway the final fight for the Natianal Sambo Title was between Fedor and his little brother, Aleksandr. Skip to about 3:10 if you want to skip to the “fight”

As you might have seen…you did watch it didn’t you. I can wait….

Anyway you can see, it wasn’t much of a fight. It kind of looked like they hugged for a second, then Fedor decided to be a jerk and throw his little brother then armbar him. But then I started thinking with my mind brain and (yeah, my mind brain, don’t interrupt my mental process!) decided that apparently the brothers don’t fight each other. I’m sure its just being an American raised during the Cold war, but when ever Russians reach a championship, I expect either fight fixing or down right cheating anyway, so I can’t say I was surprised. Ever since Rock 4 I’ve been struggling with trust issues between myself and mother Russia, so bare with me there.


Jan 042012

Do you remember the article on Grand Master Frank Dux that I did a while ago? Well I ran across one of one of his comrades from the Black Dragon society…thingy, Soke Grand Master Irving Soto.

What I love is how his Uke (the guy he is doing moves to) keeps screaming and flailing after each move, yet on command, rises and seems fine and ready for the next beating from his instructor. Either he is hamming things up, or the master needs to take it easy on him. Apparently, I need to stop being so gentle with my students. So ah…study this and make sure you try it on someone this week. When you do, email me and let me know how that works out for you.

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Dec 272011

Most martial arts have a veritably infinite supply of defensive moves against attacks that we would never use on an opponent. It always leads me to wonder why we have spent so much time developing defenses to stupid moves. I’m pretty good at defeating dumb attackers myself, but its the athletic intelligent attackers that always give me a moment’s pause. Here’s a list 5 awesomely unnecessary defenses to equally stupid attacks. After the break

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Nov 262011

Jon Jones is fighting Llyoto Machida for the light heavy weight title in the UFC at UFC 140 (December 10th). To help him get ready, he is working with top female boxer Holly Holm, to work on his striking skills. Ladies please don’t hate me that I find this news note worthy. There was a time when the idea of top male fighter working with a women fighter would have been absurd. I am personally thrilled that women have stepped it up and have honed their skills to this level finally. Below is a short video of them sparring.

 You can tell from the flashes that this was more of a press event then a real work out, but still to all you skeptics out there, if Greg Jackson and Jon Jones realize the fighting potential women have, there’s nothing left to argue with.