Jan 022012


Brock Lesnar chest tatooI am sure that all three of my readers have already watched UFC 141 or at least read about it already, so its really too late to try to tell you anything that you don’t know. Instead I thought I would talk about something you already have heard of, Brock Lesner retiring. First off, wow, this has been the year of well known fighters quiting. We’ve had Brock, BJ Penn, Matt Hughes, Matt Hamall, Mirko Cro Cop, and Randy Couture, just to name a few. I remember when Brock first came to the UFC, I thought to myself, “Yeah, lets see what a pro wrestler can do against real fighters!” Then he became Champion, and I wondered who we were going to get who could beat him. The man was just too powerful. Then we heard he was the highest paid fighter in all MMA competion. Then Cain Velasquez cracked his head open. Then the whole surgery thing. Then cam his loss last Friday. Talk about a flash in a pan. Brock came, stirred everything up and vanished, but in kind of a whinny BJ Penn kind of way. “If I can’t win easily, I don’t want to play.”

Fellows, if winning the UFC was easy, I’d have totally done it already. Now Brock gets to be remembered mostly for biggest hands and worst tatoo in UFC history! And he hasn’t even considered how hard it makes to cover things as a blogger! I could always fall back on something Chael Sonnen said, or I could make fun of Brock’s chest tatoo! I am totally unfriending him on Facebook.

I guess I could make fun of Nate Diaz…but that’s like making fun of the handycapped kid….just a really dangero

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