Dec 212011

As martial artists, it is normal and natural to compare styles. The stand up crowd thinks one way, the ground fighting crowd thinks another, and Chuck Norris just defeats us all. From this video┬áI can tell the the Chuck Norris of our generation is already among us. In Art Marshall’s own words “The Gracies told me while I was training with them that 90% of all fights do end on the ground. My response to that was “90% of people have never fought Art Marshall.”

Its a little long, but totally worth the watch as every moment of this video is worth watching. I really loved how he promoted his student and gave him a double white belt. Thanks to Fitz for the tip.

  2 Responses to “Best self defense video ever.”

  1. ….Not sure if troll. I used to be a really good martial artist as well, then I took an Art Marshall to the knee.

  2. HA! This guy can’t even say any of the Gracie names correctly. And does e really need sun glasses? And all this before I have seen any technique, I bet I will be laughing more than learning… come on now!

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