Apr 252012

MMA stands for mixed martial arts. BYF either stands for back yard fighting or “look ma, no teeth”. Now that MMA is becoming main stream, I’m kind of surprised that anyone would chose to fight illegally over the safety of legal MMA competition. Thankfully the heat from living in Florida seems to have addled enough brain cells to make it an issue there.

I just saw this in the news, a family Angela Harrison, 36, her husband Brandon Harrison, 27, and his 17-year-old stepson Gage Ford were arrested for running back yard MMA competitions. Someone is making a documentary on the subject, I’ve got a preview below.

Somehow I doubt that no matter what they say, Dana White of the UFC isn’t sending talent scouts to watch poor people beat the sense out of each other. You do have to love how they try to make this out to be a family and community event. I will say this once more, if you want to see how tough you are, there are plenty of legal and┬álegitimate MMA organizations that will even have a doctor on hand. They will even pay you money to fight, and the UFC does pay attention to these events. But I am assuming that people who fight in these events don’t read blogs… or eat solid food very often. But hey, its America, every man has the right to part with his health in the manner he chooses.



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