Nov 222011

I have often thought, you know, fighting MMA is so easy, its not even worth the challenge. I need to take up a sport that (such as Shock fighting or extreme arm wrestling) is more then simply having to worry about, punches, kicks, knees, takedowns, joint locks and chokes. And according to Zab Judah, the answer is boxing. Watch the below video, (its short you bunch of sissy’s!)

 More mocking after the break

Here’s the text from the video, but for kicks and giggles, I think I’ll mock this line by line instead of mocking as one stupid comment.

I think the difference between MMA and boxing is anybody can be a MMA fighter it just takes…uh…you know, just brutality.

And to think of all those hours we have wasted hitting the bag, honing our takedowns, and perfecting our ground control, all we needed was brutality! I guess he does have a point, anyone can sign up for an MMA fight…those are some of my favorite ones to watch. Its not normally as much fun for the poor sap who gets his hide handed to him, but I digress.

You know what I’m sayin’?

Not really, but I doubt that is going to stop you.

It’s not a skill level thing.

What is?

 For me to get in and get your arm in a lock and try to pop it off, you know, as fast as I could?

Really? In martial arts we spend years working to learn to do exactly that. Have you ever thought about teaching?

Anybody could do that.

You’ve apparently never tried to teach a begainer’s martial arts class.

 But when it comes to boxing, boxing is a skill, you know what I’m saying?

I still don’t really, but are you saying its a skill?

It’s an acquired entree.

Great Odin’s Raven! Make up your mind, is it a skill or an … entree? Are we talking about food now?

It’s not for everybody.

Apparently not.

Zab Judah, is quite an accomplished fighter, holding at different times five world titles, so it isn’t surprising that he likes his style of fighting more then MMA. Otherwise I’d bet he would be competing in MMA. I think the answer, “Its not my thing.” would have been smarter. I understand Two things boxers hate is being submitted and getting kicked. But I counter that I don’t really enjoy being punched in the face, but you don’t hear me whining about it. Thanks to Brandon for the tip.

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