Oct 052011

MMA will never be legal until we figure out what it is!

I’ve never personally understood why the Boxing Commissions get to regulate and over see MMA. In both sports you punch people…and thats about it. The rules and the rings are different, the injuries have a much greater scope. Great idea: Why don’t we have a MMA Commission! Well anyway, the NY Boxing commission is all upset investigating a show in upstate New York and claim they have a video of MMA fighting going on. The supposed MMA event happened August 20th at the Lake George Forum, but I guess no one realized until now.  If you didn’t know, New York is one of the remaining states that does not allow MMA events. What happened at the event (based on the blogs that covered the event before the NY Boxing commission even said anything) said there were 15 matches, Boxing, Kick boxing, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu respectively, all of which are legal in NY right now. The blogs even go as far as to break down each portion and talk about the results. Apparently the Boxing Commission thinks that its MMA any time you have people from different martial arts fighting, regardless of the rules of the match, I think they believe MMA is a question of proximity. I can’t find a link for the video(if someone finds it, shoot me a link) , but it appears to be another case of people not being sure exactly what an MMA match is, but they are completely against it (whatever IT might be). The best part about this is that the boxing commissions across the country claim authority over MMA events, but they don’t know what they look like…Really guys? Really?

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