Oct 062011

Due to my brain not working, the best I can offer you is a list of disjointed facts. These could come in handy. Lets say you need to impress your boss.
Boss: Did you ever finish that job I asked you to do”
You: Did you know who the shortest pro fighter is?
Boss: …er no, sorry to bother you…it won’t happen again.
At this point I would like to hope you will take this chance to plug the blog to all your co-workers.

7. 85% of American martial artists are under 13 years old.

6. UFC fighter Tank Abbott was knocked out exactly 43 seconds into both his fights against Buentello and Kimbo Slice.

5. Britain’s Anglican clergy are offered martial arts training by their union. (And they have a union…weird)

4. The UFC was bought by Zuffa for just $2million.

3. The longest pro fight on record was 3 hours and 42 minutes and was fought by Helio Gracie and  Valdemar Santana.

2. The heaviest pro fighter on record is Emmanuel Yarborough, a champion amateur sumo and MMA fighter. Fought in UFC 3 and Pride. At one point weighed in at over 800lbs

1. Naoko Ohmuro is the shortest pro fighter on record. He stands 4’9″ and weighs 106lbs.

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