Oct 202011

When we were young alot of us were drawn to the martial arts because of the cool weapons we saw in movies and comic books. I was always trying to figure out how I could carry a sword for self defense, never mind the stupidity of that thought. Almost all of us have played around with throwing knives and blow guns, some of us even played with three sectional staves and chain whips. Ironicly the more normal a weapon is, the less chance there is that it ended up in your training. So I present Five fairly normal weapons that I and most likely you, never trained with


Basicly knuckle dusters, aka brass knuckle. Yeah, they are a traditional karate weapon. They are as normal as nunchucks, bo staves, or tonfa. In fact they were really common since making them was really easy. The story about says that the first Tekko were stirrups that the peasants used to defend themselves. I personally don’t buy it, why would a peasant have a horse, and if so why couldn’t he afford a better weapon. In any case, they make perfect sense to be a great karate weapon. You basically fight just like you normally fight bare handed, you just hurt people alot faster.

The Jutte

The Jutte is another martial arts weapon that was super common in Japan and even had its own martial art, Juttejitsu, but most of us have never held one. The Jutte was basically the baton of the Japanese police and was seen as a badge of office. High and low within the government might carry them, but it wasn’t just a government thing, alot of samurai would carry them places where swords weren’t allowed. It is exactly what it looks like. A metal bar with a hook near the handle and it was used for hitting folks and blocking stuff.


The Kanabō is a very traditional Japanese weapon from feudal times…its basically a base ball bat with spikes. I have always wondered why martial arts never covered how to use a base ball bat. Yeah I know what you are thinking. You hit someone with it really hear, what is there to know. Well you can say that about almost any weapon, there is always a trick to training with it that makes you better then the next idiot with a bat. So there you go, its not just an American thing.

A Hanbo

The Hanbo is used in styles from karate to ninjitsu, but never the less, its a weapon most martial artists don’t work with very often. Why, because its a stick. A bo is at least a large stick. But as far as self defense weapons go, it makes sense.

The Eku

The Eku, or an oar is one weapon some of you might have worked with before. It is a traditional karate weapon. Some stories say that since weapons were outlawed after Japan invaded Okinawa that the fisherman started to train with it as a means of self defense. Other stories say that the Japanese taught the Okinawan people to use them to help beat off an invasion by China. I think that most people will use what they have around them to fight, and a heavy wooden oar sounds like a good idea, if you aren’t into grappling.

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