Oct 162011

No one has ever accused MMA of being too cerebral. One dude punches another until what little sense he has, rolls out onto the mat. However, there is an elite class of dumb that several fighters belong to, and though I would and could never attempt to map all the idiocracy that goes on, I did make a list of some of the funnier idiots.

5. Wes Sims
Wes Sims is 6’10” tall, but I guess he is one of the big and dumb types. He is a freestyle fighter, which translates, doesn’t want to give credit to the martial art that game him his skills. He was fighing Frank Mir, and decided to…bend the rules.

For some reason I can’t find a video of this fight, but you get the idea from the picture. During the fight, Frank Mir almost armbarred Sims, but Sims slammed his way out, then thought, “Hey, why not grab the cage and stomp the daylights out of Mir’s head!”. Nothing bad can happen from this. His epic dumb doesn’t stop there, in a post fight interview after being DQ’d he was quoted as saying  “Good or bad, there’s nothing that’s going to hurt Wes Sims.  I’m a certified black man when I want to be.” uhm…yeah.

4. Yoshihiro “Kiss” Nakao
A Japanese heavyweight mixed martial artist and former K-1 kickboxer, Nakao has had a pretty good fight history. Its a shame that he is best known for being jerk.

 Nakao got his nick name “Kiss” From this fight which never happened, in which at the beginning of the round, before the bell, he leaned in and kissed Heath Herring on the lips. Herring punched him and knocked him out cold. You would think that this spot would belong to Herring since it was Herring that hit his opponent before the bell, but it isn’t. You kiss a fighter and expect him not to hurt you? That’s stupid. I’ve consulted my copy of What Would John Wayne Do, and…yes Heath Herring acted correctly. It also netted him the funny nick name of Heath, “I am not a Homosexual” Herring. +5 points

3. Pual Daley
A BJJ Purple belt and training out of Team Rough House with Dan Hardy, Daley is ranked 9th or 10th in the world depending on your source. But you won’t see him in the UFC because of the following stupid act.

 So after the final bell, I guess he decided that he wanted one more shot, so he walks over to Josh Koscheck and slugs him in the mouth. The ref looks so angry I’m surprised he didn’t hit Daley. This got him banned from the UFC, but his stupid doesn’t end there. He’s missed weight 6 out of his last seven fights. Daley, you are supposed to be a “Pro” get your stuff together dude!

2. Kalib Starnes
He was given the nick name “The running man” after this fight. The really sad part is that he is a BJJ Black belt, trained in boxing by a former Olympic boxer, and was supposed to have trained quite a bit with Royce Gracie.

Starnes is the guy who isn’t attacking. If you don’t remember the fight, Starnes wouldn’t engage and at some points turned and ran, and his opponent, Nate Quarry finally got angry and started…I guess we will call it mocking him, but Starnes still wouldn’t do anything. You’d think that a fighter’s pride would make him at least try. In every fight one person looses and one wins, but there are worse things then loosing, like shaming yourself on national TV, and in his next fight, his entry song was “Do you know the muffen man?”, I’m not making this stuff up.


1. Gilbert Yvel
A Dutch heavyweight mixed martial artist. He is credited with being one of the first Dutch fighters who successfully applied true Muay Thai striking style to MMA.He’s also a dirty cheating idiot.

In addition to knocking out a ref (then kicking him as he walks by, watch carefully), he is also been DQ’ed for biting  Karimula Barkalaev. He was also disqualified for trying to gouge Don Frye’s eye out. I personally don’t know why they let this man fight. You’d think he’d figure out that this is not good for his fight career!

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