Apr 252012

MMA stands for mixed martial arts. BYF either stands for back yard fighting or “look ma, no teeth”. Now that MMA is becoming main stream, I’m kind of surprised that anyone would chose to fight illegally over the safety of legal MMA competition. Thankfully the heat from living in Florida seems to have addled enough brain cells to make it an issue there.

I just saw this in the news, a family Angela Harrison, 36, her husband Brandon Harrison, 27, and his 17-year-old stepson Gage Ford were arrested for running back yard MMA competitions. Someone is making a documentary on the subject, I’ve got a preview below.

Somehow I doubt that no matter what they say, Dana White of the UFC isn’t sending talent scouts to watch poor people beat the sense out of each other. You do have to love how they try to make this out to be a family and community event. I will say this once more, if you want to see how tough you are, there are plenty of legal and legitimate MMA organizations that will even have a doctor on hand. They will even pay you money to fight, and the UFC does pay attention to these events. But I am assuming that people who fight in these events don’t read blogs… or eat solid food very often. But hey, its America, every man has the right to part with his health in the manner he chooses.



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Apr 172012

We’re Americans right? Well most of you are, according to Google Analytics, I have a surprising number of Brazilian and Canadian readers as well (and two from China! Take that Communism!). But regardless, most of us are consumers! And what can be more American than that?

Anyway, we are in a life long quest to get the most bang for our buck (or Loonie or Real as the case may be) and that holds true for martial artists. A very wise person (who will not be cited here because I’ve forgotten who it was) once said to me, “You don’t choose which martial art you want to train in, you train in what is near you.” And I have found that to be very true. But sometimes the martial art of choice not only is in your area, but there might be more then one location within reasonable driving distance. Then our Consumerism rises up to action. If there is one thing I know for a fact in martial arts, its that there is no such thing as a good teacher. Teachers will always fall into one of two categories. Near god-like and Awful. Believe me. Go find a martial arts school and ask around about its instructor. They will either tell you that master “fill in the blank” can knock you out by spitting at you, he was a world champion in something and something else, and will most likely be chosen to be the next Pope… and he’s Protestant! Now ask around on the other side of town and you will hear that he never train in any martial art at all. His beard is a fake and was stolen from a homeless child, and he was caught on that “To catch a Predator” show. So the quest to find a new martial art school is more difficult then you might think. More after the jump

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Apr 052012

I really tired hard to find a picture where Diaz looked more intelligent, but I guess there isn"t one.

So I hear that Nick Diaz will be returning to his roots by doing a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Supermatch at the up coming World Jiu-Jitsu Expo set to take place May 12th at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, California. Which basicly means it will be an MMA match without the parts that are interesting to non-martial artists. When I first started watching the UFC, I asked my karate sensei why the fighters spent so much time hugging each other and rolling around on the ground. Using his vast understanding of fighting, he told me that it was because they didn’t know what they how to fight, and that he would knock them out easily. Heh, and the rest is history. These days I sit there and grind my teeth watching less then perfect boxing as I pray someone will take the other guy down and work a nice submission.

As a martial artist, I am really interested to see the outcome of this “BJJ Super Match” The Diaz brothers, both BJJ Black Belts under Ceasar Gracie have long been renown for their submission abilities. But that’s in the world of MMA. When you step back into the world of total grappling, you find people that have done nothing but grappled for the whole of their lives! I would be very interested to see Diaz show case his talents like this. The WJJE website says that they still haven’t named who Diaz will be fighting, but I’ll keep an eye out.

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Apr 022012

Martial arts are a way of life, an art form, and certainly entertaining. Of all sports, they are the easiest to make fun of, mostly because of all athletes, martial artists take themselves the most seriously. Being just past April Fools day made me want to post this, some of the best martial arts demotivational posters.



Reminds me of a friend of mine, he told me he didn’t want to do all that punching and wrestling junk, he just wanted to learn how to put a guy down and walk away. Now why didn’t we think of that?

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