Feb 012012

For the longest time this was becoming the Chael Sonnon Blog, since that dude spews enough mock-able content that it made my job fairly easy. But to be honest I have strayed away from him for a while, so I think its ok to reopen the wound subject.

Chael Sonnen is now saying that the long awaited rematch between himself and Anderson Silva will never happen. “I can guarantee you Anderson Silva and I will never cross paths again. Our business is done. We will not fight under any circumstances no matter how many rules or fake restraints he puts on it,” Sonnen said. “He’s not getting in the Octagon with me, ever.”

Dana White, (Head of the UFC) however says, “I 100-percent, right here, right now, guarantee you that if Chael Sonnen wins his fight, that Anderson Silva will fight Chael Sonnen this summer,”

In Sonnen’s defense, we have to take this with a grain of salt, nothing is ever sure in a sport like MMA, there are any number of things that could postpone a fight between the Champ and the man who claims to be the Champ, injuries, weather, failing more drug tests, missing press events (see Nick Diaz), or just twittering the wrong thing at the wrong time. These last three are a great danger to a man like Chael Sonnen, who has had issues with drug tests in the past, and is kind of a loose cannon when it comes to the things he says and does to generate PR. Video after the break.

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