Nov 292011
Chris Leben

Of course the man doesn't really look like an intellectual.

Kind of a misleading title, but “drugs” is easier to spell. Anyway he failed his post fight drug test, which showed Oxycodone and Oxymorphone . Ozycodone is a pain killer, I don’t know what the other one is, but I am guessing you guys have google, so hey, I got you half way, how about you start stepping up and doing a little research for yourselves! Gosh!
Anyway, despite the fact that the drugs apparently did not help him win, he has also been suspended for a year from the UFC. Which is no doubt a real bummer for him, but to put things in prospective, at this level, they really only fight about twice a year anyway, so its more like they just made him lose a turn. What always gets on my nerves is that they fail the drug tests at all. They know they are coming. Its not like Danna White kicked in their door and demanded them to take a drug test out of the blue. Really, if you have a fight coming, lay off  the drugs for a while. And most of these athletes have doctors working with them, surely they could check and make sure everything was cool and there were no slip ups. Heck, you could just get the doctor to write you a prescription for the drug. I am sure fighters hurt alot, so it shouldn’t be too hard!

I hate cheating, but if you are going to break the rules, its insulting when people break them poorly!

Nov 282011

We live in a truely wonderous time for martial arts. No matter what anyone says, martial arts has never been healther or stronger then today. Hopefully that will continue for a long time. Strict traditional martial artists lament claiming its the death of martial art, citing the evils that are Combat Sports. The Reality based self defense martial artists don’t care much one way or another, they just point a finger at the passing teenager and say “Don’t you try non of that UFC crappling on me! I’ll put a hurting on you!”

In the past you trained in the style that was near to you. So if you lived in a small town, and decided to learn how to fight, you had no choice but to train at Tom’s Karate school. If you lived in a bigger city, you might have had more choices, but you took your pick from the three choices you had near you, depending on what you could afford. You might have watched a Bruce Lee movie and thought to your self, “Hey I want to do that!” But when the only Kung fu place in driving distance was Hung Gar school, you might not have even known the difference. When the instructor introduced himself as “Grand master of the everlasting flame of divine enlightenment” and told you that he had personally defeated Bruce Lee in a secret underground blood war, you just said “Oh wow!” I am sure he even had a scroll on the wall of the school written in what you guess was…martial art language! Don’t buy the line that things were better or purer or anything in the “good old days” I’d like to take a moment and map out some of the funny trends in martial arts. After the break

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Nov 272011

Its a big day here at From the Guard. No, trash day isn’t until Wednesday, and my anniversary isn’t until the third. Today marks our 100th blog post! I know you have all been counting and no doubt have some sort of grand gesture in store for us, but before you embarrass yourselves, I just want to remind you that I would do this just to make people happy. And for money. Scratch that, I would just do this for money. Save your thanks and send money. But if this blog makes you happy, heck I’m ok that with too.
Today I have a video dealing with Preemptive self defense.

 Its a difficult subject to be sure. I think like most things, as long as its funny, and not at my expense I think it should be not only legal, but supported with tax payer money. Bam! Just went political on you!


Nov 262011

Jon Jones is fighting Llyoto Machida for the light heavy weight title in the UFC at UFC 140 (December 10th). To help him get ready, he is working with top female boxer Holly Holm, to work on his striking skills. Ladies please don’t hate me that I find this news note worthy. There was a time when the idea of top male fighter working with a women fighter would have been absurd. I am personally thrilled that women have stepped it up and have honed their skills to this level finally. Below is a short video of them sparring.

 You can tell from the flashes that this was more of a press event then a real work out, but still to all you skeptics out there, if Greg Jackson and Jon Jones realize the fighting potential women have, there’s nothing left to argue with.

Nov 252011

Alot of reality based martial artists will question the point of studying a sword based martial art. After all, when was the last time you had a katana with you while you were grocery shopping? Tuesday…er… I mean its kind of a good point. But asking what the point of sword fighting in modern times is like asking why a normal red blooded American wants dynamite! Because we’re crazy its cool! No one really needs a .50 Desert Eagle, but I think we can all agree that we want one. And Christmas is just around the corner…so take the hint. Anyway, check out the kenjitsu dude below as he uses his katana to destroy all sorts of whatsit.

 I’m impressed by both his form and the quality of his sword! And his willingness to subject it to harm. Even if its soft steel, I understand that is bad for the blade. I wish the video had subtitles, but I think we get the point. Happy day after Thanks Giving by the way.

Nov 222011

This isn’t strictly martial arts related, but lets face it, martial arts are strongly linked with anything dealing with self defense and the fighting of zombies (Zom-jitsu). This knife was designed for divers to be able to stab and kill something like a shark in one attack.

The knife has a CO2 cylander in the handle and a channel drilled through the blade. Once you have stabbed your attacking badguy (or bad shark), you depress the trigger button and it blasts C02 into the wound, both freezing it and ripping it apart. Video of the knife in action after the break.

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Nov 222011

I have often thought, you know, fighting MMA is so easy, its not even worth the challenge. I need to take up a sport that (such as Shock fighting or extreme arm wrestling) is more then simply having to worry about, punches, kicks, knees, takedowns, joint locks and chokes. And according to Zab Judah, the answer is boxing. Watch the below video, (its short you bunch of sissy’s!)

 More mocking after the break

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Nov 212011

Most of us love MMA, and after Saturday’s UFC (139) Shogun vs Henderson, I can really say that. However there are some among us who find such extreme violence to be disturbing and foolish. (Mom, I am talking to you), and for the sake of not fighting over Thanksgiving, I can see some of their points. However there is another group of people who feel that MMA isn’t extreme enough. With all the points for take downs, breaks between rounds, wearing gloves, and referee stoppages, perhaps we need something more “Extreme!” You might remember my post of the X-Arm competion? Well fighters of this ilk have done it again with the advent of Shock Fighting.

 Here’s what you do, you attach a taser to each glove, and alakazam, the people who support the ban of MMA in New York suddenly sound much more sane. In mere MMA we only had to worry about broken bones, chokes, joint breakage, and concussions. Now we get to worry about several thousand volts of electricity! Is he tapping or just twitching? Who knows. Thanks to George for the tip. Hope you enjoyed.


Nov 192011

I have a philosophy with fighting. If it works, then its ok. Now there might be a better way of doing something. Hitting a nail with the head of the hammer works a little better then pounding it in with the handle, but it can be done, and in the end, its about results. The below video is challenging my point.

 I don’t know what country this is, or how this guy got a knife into a court room, but cop decides that the best way to deal with the situation is a two footed drop kick. I had someone ask me just the other day, “So if you were attacked with a knife, what you do?” I smiled at such a question and explained that my go to move was always a flying drop kick. I didn’t realize there were others out there that train in my secret art.
But on the other hand, he did save the hostage and didn’t even get cut…and I thats better then most martial artists I know. So starting Tuesday, I am going to start teaching this new disarming attack. I want my training to be as much like real life as I can.


Nov 182011

You whaaaat?

I wanted to name this post, “I do not care: The New Tao of Jeet Kune Do: You can’t make me: The Scott White Story” But that wouldn’t fit in the title line. So you ask, hey Scott, why all the unprovoked anger today? And I say, “You’re not my dad! You can’t tell me what to do! If I want to run around the dojo wearing a Gi top and no pants….” er… thats a discussion for another day. But my inbox has been getting hit over and over again about the new updated release of the Tao of Jeet Kune Do, which in case you don’t know (what kind of martial artist are you anyway?) was Bruce Lee’s martial arts philosophy. Black Belt mag just did an interview with Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee’s daughter regarding the recently released and expanded version. I didn’t read it, but I am guessing she didn’t say, “Our family decided that if George Lucus can re-release Star Wars every couple of years for no apparent reason, so can we. After all, why shouldn’t we make money with almost no work and less point?” Which would be a shame, because I really would respect such honesty. I mean heck, it is America, where every citizen dreams of one day being paid for not doing much. Anyway here’s list of the reasons behind the release.

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