Oct 202011

When we were young alot of us were drawn to the martial arts because of the cool weapons we saw in movies and comic books. I was always trying to figure out how I could carry a sword for self defense, never mind the stupidity of that thought. Almost all of us have played around with throwing knives and blow guns, some of us even played with three sectional staves and chain whips. Ironicly the more normal a weapon is, the less chance there is that it ended up in your training. So I present Five fairly normal weapons that I and most likely you, never trained with

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Oct 182011

So yeah, in MMA news, Chael Sonnen said “blah blah blah” And Anderson Silva’s manager fired back, “blah blah blah.” You know, the usual. Studies have shown that the average level of how much I care had fallen in recent weeks. So instead of reporting on whats happened lately, I instead offer this fictional account of a discussion between key players.

Chael Sonnen: I want to fight Anderson Silva again!
Dana White: Yeah, we already did that once, get in line.
Chael: But I almost won!
Dana: Almost.
Chael: I don’t consider that a loss!
Anderson Silva: Well you didn’t have to tap out. Dana, I decided I only want to do four more fights, then I’ve thought about becoming a pro boxer!
Dana: This is for both of you, no you can’t, and no one cares.
Chael: If you don’t give me a rematch I’ll TALK REALLY LOUD AND NEVER SHUT UP!
Dana: I already have the Diaz brothers to be obnoxious, find something else to be your thing.
Dana: Again, no one cares. And I’m not giving you a rematch just because you are loud.
Dana: Ignore him, maybe he’ll go away
Anderson: I’m going to go coach Lloto Machida for his fight with Jon Jones.
Dana: Good, you could learn something from those two yourself, at least people want to watch that match.
Anderson: But I’m the best fighter in the world.
Dana: I know, but no one wants to watch your matches.
Dana: Are you still here?!

And ah…that’s basically what’s been happening lately.

Oct 172011

To those of your who practice truly traditional martial arts, meditation as part of training is nothing new to you. Most of you either start or end your classes at your dojo with meditation. Those of you on the combat sports side of martial arts may have never even thought about meditating.

Meditation for most of us goes against the grain of who we are as Americans. We go to yoga to stretch and get flexibility, not to achieve enlightenment. While you are off contemplating your navel, I’ll be lifting some weights! Lets see who wins now! heh! Or we feel like we are going to be sucked into some sort of pseudo religious craziness, and that isn’t what we signed on for.

That said, no one seems to have a problem with all the odd mental crutches we use to fight our best. This is something alot of traditional martial artists might not have had to deal with, the stress of fighting. Knowing that there is another human being who has trained and pushed him/herself for the chance to hurt you is difficult on the mind. Now bring in the crowd. Hundreds of yelling people all watching you…judging you. Then there’s your team, they might be your teacher, your friends, your family, the people who’s opinion of you matters most. All of these people are waiting for you to walk out and…screw things up. No stress (tries to control facial tick), so we have our lucky gi, or our shorts, or even that groin cup that we wear every time we win. We’ll be ok if we have it, right?

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Oct 162011

No one has ever accused MMA of being too cerebral. One dude punches another until what little sense he has, rolls out onto the mat. However, there is an elite class of dumb that several fighters belong to, and though I would and could never attempt to map all the idiocracy that goes on, I did make a list of some of the funnier idiots.

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Oct 142011

Yet another great white ninja

The post on Ashida Kim reminded me of some other…Ninja Masters. Today I would like to poke fun at Frank Dux. Grand Master Frank Dux is the subject of the movie Blood Sport, and claims to be trained in Koga Ryu Ninjitsu which he has updated into the modern Dux Ryu Ninjitsu using the experience he had being the world heavy weight champion of the secret international (often to the death) fighting championship “The Kumite” (which was formerly called “The Parade of Death”). Continue reading »

Oct 132011

I’m excited about the announcement of Jon Jones fighting Lyoto Machida in UFC 140. I love that Machida is an old school karate fighter. What did he say about the fight? “I guarantee on December 10, I will very well prepared, and I can overcome his athleticism with my technique,”
Wow, spoken like a true karate master with absolute confidence in his training. It also looks like Anderson Silva will be helping him train for the fight, which is the best news I’ve heard in a while for Machida.

Jones is a stand up guy too. He’s happy to be fighting Machida dispite really wanting to face Rashad Evens. He said “”I would prefer each fight to be a little more respectful. It is martial arts.” He also said “I realize what I could lose in the fight that’s in front of me,” And admitted he had never fought someone like Machida.

I am just saying, I think this could be a great match. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Oct 132011


 Grand Master Ashida Kim has had profound impact on my life. When I was young, I had a bunch of his books on the Ninja. I still have them, I just find them funnier now. This video reminds you more of something Napoleon Dynamite would be practicing then something a “Ninja Master” would do while fighting you. If you pay attention, he will show a move he claims is from Judo, which sounds like “katsumi” which he says is the “Haze” technique. Doesn’t look like any Judo move I’ve seen. If any Judo expert would like to weigh in on this, that would be great. To be honest, I don’t think he knows Judo anymore then he knows Ninjitsu.

Oct 122011

Do you remember all those people who were dressing up as Superheroes and patrolling their city a while back? No…well there were a bunch of people who dressed up as….well you know now.

Benjamin Fodor without his superhero suit.

Anyway, its not as crazy as it sounds…well it is, but anyway, their hearts seem to be in the right place. ANYWAY, one of them got himself arrested the other day. Phoenix Jones, one of the original capes that touched off this group of LARPer’s (Live Action Role Players) was arrested for trying to stop a fight and macing some people. There’s a really shaky video floating around, I didn’t post it, because you have too hard of a time figuring out what is happening. In anycase, the police, being bad sports have made his barely secret identity public, his name is Ben ‘Flattop’ Fodor, an amateur MMA fighter with a record of 4-0 and weighs in at 185. Fodor has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, but he says his is disillusioned with the style, he was also a College Wrestler and trains at an MMA and kickboxing school. His super hero costume is really quite good, featuring bullet and stab proof armor and carrying a tazer, mace, hand cuffs and a club. Understandably, the cops don’t really like him, so I think they are relishing the chance to arrest him, but I doubt this will stop him. On the petty side, the cops kept his suit. I want to know what red blooded American would take a superhero’s suit from him! Beat him up, sure, arrest him? Why not, if its good enough for Batman, its good enough for Phoenix Jones, but this just seems wrong. I’d be willing to bet my 12 sided die that this won’t end here.