Oct 312011

I know, a double post on a Monday? Calm yourselves, the world isn’t ending. Sometimes change can be a good thing.
I guess I should preface this. The best unarmed zombie fighting martial arts. I know you are thinking, “Who in their right minds fights zombies unarmed.” I counter with, “Zombies aren’t real! So logic plays a very loose role here. Idiot!” …Sorry about that last remark, I get emotional when I talk about zombies.

Here are the basic ground rules.

1. If you get bitten, you die and become a zombie

2. To kill a zombie you have to some how destroy its brain, although severing its spine will stop its body.

3. These are running zombies, not the really slow shuffling zombies.

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Oct 312011

The only remaining master of the Indian martial art Shastar Vidya, master Nihang Nidar Singh is looking for an heir to the style. Singh has many students around Europe, but he claims that the most advanced students he has have only just reached the point where they can fight him without being hurt. I assume because their beards are no match for his yet.

Shastar Vidiya

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Oct 302011

Well without GSP, I kind of didn’t care about this UFC. Which of course makes me not a real fan. But I watched it anyway, and enjoyed some of the matches.

Hatsu Hioki vs. George Roop

Hioki is a BJJ black belt, but he caught Roop in several very judo ish take downs. They fought a very high energy match ending with Hioki winning by split decision. Enjoyed this match, but for someone ranked the number 2 featherweight in the world, it was kind of lack luster.

Scott Jorgensen vs. Jeff Curran

Was working a weird sweep from the guard during this fight, so I only caught a little out of the corner of my eye. Basically didn’t seem like a very interesting fight. End result Jorgesen by decision.

Mirko Cro Cop vs. Roy Nelson

I paid attention to this match. Roy Nelson has lost some fat and packed on some muscles for  this match. Cro Cop looked like he had his head more together in this match then alot of the fights I’ve seen him in lately. Nelson basically was the aggressor for the first round, took the fight to the ground, but didn’t manage to really get anything going. The big guy is surprisingly fast on his feet. Good exchanges of punches. Second round, Cro Cop nearly finishes Nelson with an awesome striking combo against the cage. Nelson survives and manages to take Cro Cop down and lay down some strikes, but the round ends before anything really great. Final round, Nelson manages to take Cro Cop down and get him in a rear mount, and beats the sides of Cro Cop’s head until the ref stopped the match. End result, Nelson wins and Cro Cop retires. Poor Cro Cop, its for the best, but always sad to see them go.

Matt Mitrione vs. Cheick Kongo

In a nut shell? Really boring. Matt Matrione basically stands with his hands down and Cheich Kongo basically stands in front of him bobbing. I’m not trying to be a jerk. I can’t do better, but it was hardly worth watching at all. Around round 3 things pick up and Congo gets some hits and a take down. End result Congo wins by decision. I fall asleep.

B.J. Penn vs. Nick Diaz

A much better fight than I thought it was going to be. Good exchanges on both accounts. Penn nearly takes Diaz out in the first round, but after that Diaz slowly and surely beats Penn to a bloody mush. End result Diaz goes all Chael Sonnen on us calling out GSP, and Penn says he’s retiring, but in a whinny way.

I’m going to bed.

Oct 292011

I think I already touched on these weapons before, but they are still cool enough that they needed more of a focus. I feel the urge to mock these weapons, but I think this is bitterness from all the self inflicted wounds I picked up trying to learn the three sectional staff when I was younger.


Got to hand it to the Chinese. If there is a hard way to fight a guy, they’ve found it and made an art of it.


Oct 282011

 I know, I claimed I didn’t care about Chael Sonnen anymore, but he’s starting to get funny again. He did a radio interview the other day which was mildly amusing, Listen below.


 If you didn’t listen to it, here’s the highlights.

Sonnen’s plan is to slap Anderson Silva next time he sees him

He was planning on dumping a coke on Anderson’s head.

If he were Anderson Silva he wouldn’t put up with this kind of verbal abuse.

He is going to keep being annoying and he isn’t sorry.

Heh, as long as it stays funny I guess I’m game. Hope it doesn’t become a habit.

Oct 272011

I know I’ve been giving our ninja friends a hard time lately. Well buck up bucky! Your wife might not let you throw knives in the house and your office dress code might not allow you to wear your mask, but you can still show your ninja pride as you tote this ninja coffee mug around the office.

And yes, it does have a cookie storage area!  It can also be used as a Tekko or thrown… I guess… Folks this is a winner. There are a few left at Etsy.com so get cracking!

Oct 262011

I belive children are our future, unless we stop them now.


So impressive. I love the fact that the child looks so scary, but when he talks, you can tell he’s just a normal little boy. A normal little boy who moves with more grace while doing pad work then most fighters I know. I know this raises issues of how healthy it is for kids to be training like that, and we wonder if their father is pushing them too much, but there is also the chance they are loving it, and its good that a father spends that much time with his kids. I wonder if he’d adopt me?

Oct 252011

I’m really behind in MMA News. My excuse is that I’ve been getting myself and my team ready for the NC Grappling Open, so I’ve been out of touch. I have to give a quick plug to the people who put that tournament on, The Good Fight. They run the tightest tournament I’ve fought at. When it comes to grappling, I don’t care if its Judo Jiu Jitsu or what, I almost always have a six to eight hour weight to fight. This event had us trucking along and finished in the time it normally takes to fight my second match (they also have awesome medals). So Good fight, I salute you.

Things you most likely already knew, but I just found out.

GSP is hurt and won’t be fighting at the next UFC. His opponent Carlos Condit, will also be sitting out until GSP’s knee is recovered.

Kenny Florian is going to be returning to the light weight division of the UFC (back from bantamweight)

BJ Penn and Nick Diaz will be the new headliner at UFC 137, and dispite alot of talk, it will still be three rounds not five.

Roy “big country” Nelson is looking smaller! Or Forrest Griffin is getting bigger. I don’t know. I am really hoping its the latter. Thanks to Will for the find.

Oct 242011

We give major props to the Gracies for bringing us both BJJ and UFC. However, mixing the martial arts, and martial artist trying to make better competitions didn’t start in the US with the Gracies. I’d like to introduce two men who should be fairly well known to you, Joe Lewis and Bill “Superfoot” Wallace.

Joe Lewis is a karate fighter. He fought at 195lbs and had a pro kickboxing record of 18-3. Of those wins, 16 of those were by knockout. Mind you, this was during the 70’s, long before this sort of stuff became mainstream. He had a karate base in Shorin Ryu, he trained with Bruce Lee in Jeet kune do, and under Sugar Ray Robinson (legendary boxer). He was voted the greatest karate fighter of all time.

Bill Wallace is best known as a karate fighter. He fought at 165 and had a pro kickboxing record of 22-0 with 13 of his wins by knockout. Although known for his kicking, he  started out as a judo fighter and a wrestler. Due to an awful knee injury to his right leg, he had to take time off of judo training, and was introduced to karate. He also trained quite a bit of boxing. He was voted the second greatest karate fighter of all time (tying with Chuck Norris!). He also was a commentator for the first UFC! (Take that Joe Rogan)

So here we have full contact fighters from the early 70s who mix their martial arts, and even have a grappling back ground! Well both of these men became champions in their own weight divisions, but even after they retired, people wondered who was better. So they called them out of retirement and made them fight. Videos after the break.

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